Luminic Studies

Tromilux uses the software DIALux to calculate the lighting distribution of a lighting scene and assess whether the lighting fixtures are adequate for each project. The lighting parameters and data provided by the calculation - medium luxs at the user level, UGR values, isographic lines, false colors, 3D representation among others - give the designer the ability to create a better solution with uniformity, sufficient light, specific requested lighting effects and saving energy options for a successful and efficient lighting design.

Our design team is able to provide customers with the luminance calculation report of each and any project, provided that the CAD blueprint or the characteristics of the area are supplied.

The extensive database of photometric files we hold is also available to be sent to lighting designers and costumers that wish to use our files to do their own calculations, either using DIALux, Relux or WinElux, and in any format needed (.ldt, .ies, ...).